Klicker Bolt Seal | Container Bolt Seal

Klicker Bolt Seal | Container Bolt Seal


High Security Container Bolt Seal

The Klicker by Mega Fortris Group is one of our flagship products. Certified to ISO 17712  clause 5 & 6 international security seal standard, this container bolt seal is categorised as a „H“ High Security Seal.

Unlike the majority of bolt seals, the Klicker bush is made of an all metal high-strength steel construction. The clip – the actual locking mechanism – is embedded in a groove in the metal bush, making the seals stronger and more difficult to tamper. Typical applications of the Klicker seal include shipping and intermodal containers. The Klicker is also widely used for ground transportation.

Key Features:

  • Harden Pin to Prevent hack saw attack.

    Mega Fortris use the highest quality metal to manufacture the bolt seals thus preventing hack saw attacks.

  • Coated in ABS High Impact Plastic.

    The Klicker Bolt Seal is coated in ABS High Impact Plastic providing additional strength and shows signs of tampering without fully breaking.

  • Anti-Spin Body and Bolt to prevent friction attack.

    Anti-Spin Body and Bolt feature prevents Spin and Friction attacks providing the ultimate security against spin tool use.

  • Pull Strength 1000kgs – Klicker Bolt Seal has a pull Strength of a Ton.


Technical Specification


Plastic Pin and barrel – High impact ABS
Pin and bush – Hardened Steel

Locking Length:

   50 mm (0.04 in)

Pin Diameter:

   Ø 7 mm (0.28 in)

Tensile Strength:

   1500 kg/f (3307 lb/f)

Marking Area:

   10 x 24 mm (0.39 x 0.95 in)

Ordering Details

Minimum order quantity:
200 pcs
Colours : Colours
Serial Numbers :

Laser Printing
Maximum 9 digits, with company logo

Delivery lead time :

2 to 3 weeks

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